Sunday, July 30, 2017

Push On In The Work 6-26-17

Well this week has been a good start for the last transfer.  We have been working hard and we found some new investigators that have potential.  We are working on cleaning up our area and getting the ward on our side.  The missionaries that I have as companions both have some awesome ideas on how we can improve and we all have that determination to make this area great.

My 2 new companions are Elder Billman (been out for 4 months), and Elder Tevaga (been out for 8 months).  Elder Billman is from Idaho Falls and likes fishing, hunting, cars, and working on engines.  Elder Tevaga (pronounced Tevanga) is from West Jordan, just outside of Salt Lake, and is descended from Samoa.  He loves sports, especially basketball, football, and rugby.  It's going to be a good transfer with these guys.  They are like my escorts kind of, because I sit in the back seat while they drive me all over - haha.

So first off to end in Chattanooga, I visited with Caitie who is still working on baptism.  We might have good news this week so we shall see.  Also the 11 year old from our recent convert family, Kaitlyn, got baptized on Saturday.  I'm bummed I missed it, but so grateful to be a part of their conversion.  We also saw some other recent converts that last night so I could say goodbye.  It was a good last day in Chattanooga.

In the past few days, we have just been working hard here in Grove Park.  We passed our goal for new investigators just in the few days I have been here.  We also saw today the Ward showing some trust with us.   We are super excited for what this transfer will bring.  My last 6 weeks and there is no time to slow down, just keep working hard every day.  

Also the Griffins are headed home this Friday which is sad, but we are excited to meet President and Sister Pickett as well.  That is about it from me.  Have a great week.

Elder Ellison

Tracting With My New Comps E. Billman & E. Tevaga

Chattanooga Goodbyes 

Chattanooga Goodbyes

New Area - Forest Grove

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