Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Power In The Pages 6-5-17

Hey everyone.  So this week wasn't the best of weeks.  Good things still happened, but the work was kind of slow unfortunately.  May has come and gone which is just crazy to me.  I just want time to slow down so I can get everything done and learn everything I need to before this service is over.  There is just something about missions that you learn things and do things you never would have without it.  It is amazing!

So first off Daniel and Stephanie (our recent converts) went to the temple on Saturday.  They said they enjoyed it.  They want to go back to be able to do it for their own family names.  They are making some huge progress. 

Next we had a couple exchanges this week.  I was back to my old area for a day with one of them.  That was kind of fun.  Brought me back to the good ol' days of downtown Chatt.  We also went with the assistants (Aps).  We had a really sweet lesson with a guy they tracted into.  This man shared how he is just lonely and needs some company and to feel like he is wanted and cared about.  We got to tell him about Home Teaching and how a big part of our church is taking care of all the members.  We also asked him about baptism and he said he had been baptized before, but he would get baptized again.  It was cool to see that for him it wasn't a big hurdle. 

This past week there were a few times where we have had to express the importance of the Book of Mormon.  I would like to do the same now.  There is a power in the scriptures that we can feel as we study from them.  We have been told that the Book of Mormon can help us grow closer to God if we live and apply the principles it teaches from within than any other book.  In today's world, we CAN NOT risk to go a day without reading our scriptures.  When we read the scriptures, especially the Book of Mormon, we are arming ourselves with the Word of God which is the most powerful thing we have in this world.  We are spiritually building up a wall of defense every time we read and when we do it each day we are strengthening that defense.  If we miss a day, our walls of defense get a crack which will grow the more we miss until we are exposed on all sides.  Today in church we were told that we cannot just read the scriptures anymore.  We have to be studying them every day.  There is a difference between reading and studying.  When you are studying, you are feasting upon the Words of Christ.  When you read, you are nibbling on a snack.  So I want to ask all that are reading this entry, if you have only a Bible, read your Bible every single day and study from it.  If you only have a Bible, obtain a Book of Mormon to further your knowledge and understanding of our Heavenly Father’s plan and the purpose of Christ's ministry.  If you know someone who doesn't have both a Bible and Book of Mormon, then get them one and share your testimony with them of how they have helped you and blessed you.  If you have a Book of Mormon, read it and study it every day.  I promise that if you do this, you will see a difference in your days because I have.  It's so much better if you have it every day.  Your spirit will be full.  Matthew says it the best, "Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and all these things shall be added unto you."  If you want more peace, joy, love, patience, charity, kindness, meekness, hope, faith then study the scriptures daily.  Every single one of us has at least 15 min. a day of free time, if not then you are too busy.  I share these things with all of you because I love you and care about you and I want you to be prepared for anything and to be better off.  The scriptures have changed my life.  I am so grateful for them.  I love them and the new things I learn each day in my studies.  I leave these things with you in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Elder Ellison



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