Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Families Being Brought Together 6-12-17

So this was another OK week just doing a bunch of “finding” and trying to figure out how to pick the area up even more.  We had a couple guys yell at us to go away which is always different.  One of them was a less-active member.  We didn't even say anything.  Not a word and he said don't ever come back.  Twice.  Then shut the door.  Oh well, that's just how it goes.

We had our last MLC with the Griffins.  It was a very spiritual meeting.  We have our last Zone Conference this week too.  It's so sad that they are leaving, but our new mission president sounds awesome.  We are told that they are very similar so it shouldn't be too much of a difference.  I get almost exactly a month with our new mission president.

Transfers are next week so we shall see what the results are for my last transfer.  I'm pretty sure I will stay here with Elder Frederick, but I will keep you posted next week.

Highlight of the week: we had a lesson with our recent convert family.  They have an 11 yr. old daughter who is a little bit autistic and afraid of water.  Well she has been doing much better with water lately and we asked her if she wants to be baptized and she said yeah.  So we put her on date for Jun. 30.  We are looking forward to that.  In order for the family to be sealed together forever, she has to be baptized to go into the temple because she is over 8.  It's so awesome to see this family progress and just knowing that they will be sealed together in about a year brings me so much joy!  Stephanie also got a calling in the Primary with the 4 yr. olds.  She said that that is what she used to do a while back.  So it is something that she likes, which is good.

We have been doing a few member visit lessons and talking about the Book of Mormon.  All of the members we have seen so far have a few people they have in mind to give a book to or to invite to hear the gospel.  Hopefully we can be getting some referrals from them here soon.

That's about it from me this week.  My comp keeps telling me how much more time I have left and just a bunch of trunky comments, but I just let him all the things I will be able to do that he won't for another year haha.  It is sad that time is winding down, but I am very grateful for each day I'm given to serve the Lord.  I hope you all have a great week.  Love ya.

Elder Ellison

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