Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Unlimited 4-10-17

So first off, to explain the title, we have a car that has no mile limits currently.  We have actually two cars right now.  One that has a mile limitation, and one that doesn't.  We have to get one of our cars fixed from a rear ending a while back and so they gave us another car to drive while it is in the shop. Well that car is not in the shop yet so we have two cars.  OK so the rest of this week we did a lot of finding and a couple exchanges with other missionaries.  We also set two more baptismal dates which was awesome.

So the first baptismal date is for a girl named Bri.  She is the daughter of a recent convert that was baptized back in February.  We have been working with her for quite a while now and she has finally accepted a date to be baptized on April 29th.  It has taken her a while to want to be baptized because of certain circumstances, but she has decided to finally work with us towards that date and we are hoping and praying that she will be ready for it.

Our next date is for a girl named Alexis.  She is nine years old.  Her parents Daniel and Stephanie were the ones that were baptized last Saturday.  She wanted her dad to baptize her and so we are working with him to get the priesthood and we are now teaching her the lessons.  She will be baptized on May 6th.  She is a lot different than most of the nine-year-olds I have talked to in the past.  All of the others had very small attention spans and didn't always understand all that we taught, but Alexis has a very good attention span and understands everything.  One of the coolest things about our last lesson was her dad.  He had a little skepticism regarding some of the things that we taught them and he was still working to believe some things.  However, during this lesson with Alexis he finally decided to be baptized because the Spirit was so strong and had really touched him.  He even helped us teach her one of the principles of the lesson which we were having trouble helping her to understand.  He taught it in a way that she could understand and it was really cool to see him do that.

This week we also gave a man a blessing.  After the blessing he said he really needed that and after a couple weeks of not being at church, he finally attended this last Sunday because he was feeling well enough.  Also, as I mentioned earlier, we went on a couple exchanges this week. We did a lot of finding on those exchanges and I was with two Elders that were either three or four transfers out.  So they were pretty new.  Well we had fun and we found a few people to go back to and try to teach.  I also got to see my old area of downtown Chattanooga which is awesome.  It feels like I'm right back at home.

Well that's it for me for this week. Sorry not too much happened, but I hopefully will have some really cool experiences to share with you guys this next week.  We have Zone Training meeting tomorrow (Tuesday) and I have to give the closing remarks so we shall see how that goes.  I hope all is well for you and I hope to hear from you guys.  I love you and keep the faith.

Elder Ellison

We've Had a Little Rain

Nice View With the Exception of the Nuclear Power Plants in the Back

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