Monday, May 22, 2017

Baptism 5-1-17

Hey everyone.  I can't believe the month of April has come and gone.  Well this is what happened to end out the month.  First off, we had the BYU head football coach, Kilani Sitake, come and speak for a fireside.  He told us about his life story and his experiences.  It was really cool.

This week we had an investigator preparing to be baptized this Saturday.  We needed to see them before the interview, but they weren't home.  We tried again the next day and they weren't home.  We had never had any trouble finding them at home before so something seemed a little strange.  We were sitting there wondering what to do and I said a quick prayer asking the Lord to help us find them.  We wondered if they were at the mom's work so we drove there and searched the whole parking lot for their car.  We finally found it and were so grateful that the Lord inspired us where to find them.  Just goes to show that the Lord does answer prayers when you have faith.

Another cool experience we had started the night before.  We said a prayer to close our day and we asked the Lord to help us find people to teach because a lot of our teaching pool isn't super solid right now.  Well that morning we were in “The HOOD”, and we tried a former.  She wasn't home so we just knocked some doors on that street.  2 doors later we started talking to a guy for a bit.  Towards the end he told us that the night before he was praying to someone (he claims to be pagan, but we’re not sure what his beliefs are) and asked to be shown something:  Shown that God is there.  Well we came knocking that next day, gave him a Book of Mormon, and told him we were an answer to his prayer.  We are seeing him this week and I can't wait to see where it goes.

The last thing was that we had a baptism for Bri.  It took some time and persistence, but she finally joined her mom a couple months later in the church and now the whole family is in the gospel.  There were a lot of things that worked out just the way it needed to in order for that to happen.  It was a super awesome experience.  She received the gift of the Holy Ghost Sunday too.  Daniel, who got baptized a month ago, got the Aaronic priesthood also on Sunday so that he can baptize his daughter this next weekend.

Good things are happening right now and we are so excited.  Transfers are next week so we shall see what the Lord has in store for us next Monday.  I pray that you all may have a great week.

Elder Ellison

Bri's Baptism

Chillin' On Our Porch

The "Smolder"

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