Monday, May 15, 2017

Best Week Ever! 4-03-17

Wow! So this week was an awesome week. We had transfers but as you know things are staying the same for this one.  We had to help out a bunch of missionaries though because they couldn't get rides.  So Tuesday night we were driving all over, picking up luggage and driving it to a member’s home who had room.  We were out past 11pm.  For those missionaries out there, you know that is no good haha.  Then the next day we had to do the same thing when they got back from transfers.  We did so much driving in those couple days that we were using “approved” miles rather than our own.

All right, so here is why it was the best week ever.  First off the new Easter Initiative came out.  It is all about the Prince of Peace.  If you haven't seen it then go to  It shares how Christ is the Prince of Peace and how we can find peace through gospel principles.

Second it was General Conference.  One of the talks that I liked came from Elder Sabin of the seventy.  I really like one of the things he talked about.  He talked about how we need to stand up inside.  If we can be the person we want to be on the inside then it will naturally show forth on the outside.  It all starts from the inside out.

Ok so highlight of the week:  I was able to witness my first baptism.  Daniel and Stephanie got baptized in between sessions of General Conference.  We have been working hard with them and they finally have gotten to this point. The Spirit was so strong in the service.  I gave a talk about the Holy Ghost after the baptism and before we confirmed upon them the gift of the Holy Ghost.  I am so grateful that I could be a part of their journey.  It is not over yet either.  One of their daughters, possible 2 of them, will get baptized in the next couple weeks.  She wanted her dad to baptize her so we are working on getting him the priesthood to do that.  One of the daughters is afraid of water so hopefully we can work through that.  Again, I am so grateful I could be able to witness their transformation and dedication in following their Savior.

That is it for me this week. Hope it is a good one for all of you.

Elder Ellison

Homeless man on a beach chair with wheels being pulled by 2 huskies while waving an American flag - For Real!  You don't see that everyday.

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