Saturday, May 20, 2017

Missionary Work 4-24-17

So a lot happened this week. It has rained every day at some point for about a week now.  We also had our last exchanges of the transfer so we get 2 weeks to just work our area together.

First off I wanted to talk about a miracle we have seen over the course of time.  The last couple weeks there has been a lot of rain.  Well for us, the Lord has blessed us to not get soaked.  Every time it is raining, the Lord provides us with someone to teach during that time or it will stop raining right before we go out to knock doors and then start up again after we are done.  What a blessing!

Thursday we went on exchanges with the Assistants (APs) and I went and did some YSA work.  Not too much success, but we did get to go to Institute there and we talked about a few chapters in the Book of Revelation.  It was so cool.  The scriptures are so awesome to learn and study, especially prophecies, descriptions, and finding out what they mean.  We were in the chapters that talk about the 4 beasts and then went on to the 7 seals.

Also, we had a cool experience Saturday.  We went to go try some investigators we tracted into a few weeks ago.  We have never been there at the right time.  So we did one last stop and we got in.  We taught the whole Restoration.  They liked it and even asked us questions to help them understand.  One awesome question was about the Priesthood.  We explained about Baptism needing to be done by the Priesthood authority and he asked if getting married would need to be redone by someone who has that authority.  No one ever makes that correlation.  So we explained the difference between civil and eternal marriage.  It was just an awesome lesson.

Finally our Mission President spoke in our ward Sunday.  He talked about how this work is hard.  Even though it is hard, it is true.  He eventually made his way to talking us missionaries up a bit and then talked to the members about being member missionaries.  Afterwards we had a lot of people tell us how much they love our Mission President.  It was a powerful talk.

Well this week should be exciting.  We have a baptism this Saturday and are preparing for that. I hope all of you have a great week.

Elder Ellison

Party at the Mission Office

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