Thursday, May 11, 2017

Transfers 3-27-17

So first start out we had transfer calls today and Elder Smith and I are staying put for another transfer.  This last week we had a lot of meetings and driving and preparation for our baptisms coming up this next week.  

On Tuesday we had a really cool experience:  We were able to go up to Knoxville and listen to David Archuleta.  He came and visited our mission.  Half of our total missionaries were there and we were some of the lucky ones that got to go.  He talked to us and sang some songs.  He talked a lot about him gaining a relationship with Heavenly Father and about listening to the Spirit.  One of the really cool things he talked about was the very first miracle that Jesus Christ performed in His earthly ministry.  He had heard this from a professor at BYU.  The very first miracle that Jesus Christ performed written in the scriptures was the event of turning water into wine.  As the professor explained, this event is significant because it shows that Jesus Christ can change things.  As he changed the water into wine, he can also change you as a person into something better.  Not to say wine is good for you or is better than water, but you know what I mean.  This change happens because of the Atonement of Jesus Christ.  His sacrifice for all of us is something that we can use to become better people.  The atonement does many things for us such as helping us to repent, to be forgiven of mistakes we have made, to have someone there right beside us who knows exactly how we feel when we go through pain and sorrow, and to provide a way for us to become better by following His example.  We get to start over every day and try to do better than the last.  So that is one of the cool things he talked about.  He also sang some songs which were really good.  He has a really good voice.  He even told us some experiences he had growing up and on his mission of learning to listen to the Spirit.  We then got to shake his hand afterwards.

Later that week we had a lesson with the Miller family who is scheduled to be baptized soon.  It was awesome.  We went over the Law of Tithing which can sometimes be a little difficult, but before we even taught anything, they told us of an experience they had where they had seen the blessings from it.  They had learned about the Law of Tithing a little bit before in church, they talked about it afterwards, and they calculated out their expenses to see if they could pay it.  In the end they saw that there was no way they could. Then one day while shopping, Sister Miller had the thought to look through her gift cards and see how much money she had with them.  She looked on the first and saw about $20.  Then she looked on some others that she thought only had a few dollars or none on them.  When she added all of the money up from the gift cards it equaled the exact amount of money that they would have to pay tithing on that they thought they would not be able to pay.  So even with a desire to keep this commitment before baptism and without even having to live it right now, they already saw that it works.  This next week we are working with them on their baptism which is on the first of April.  We are so excited for them and can't wait for a great weekend ahead because it is also General Conference.

The last experience this week I want to talk about is one that happened while finding.  We were about to go tracting and we said a prayer before we got out of the car.  In the prayer we asked that we would be able to find someone who will listen to our message.  We also asked that we will recognize them as people God has prepared and that they would recognize us as God's servants.  While tracting, we went the whole street until we were left with one last door.  A man named Jeremiah answered and said that we could share a message with him.  We asked when and he said right now so we taught him the whole Restoration lesson on his porch and was able to set up a return appointment.  We also got to help teach tailored to his needs because he didn't quite know how the Spirit felt or how God answers prayers.  As we were sitting there talking to him, I thought to myself, "We said a prayer asking to find someone to teach because our teaching pool is small. We then knocked into Jeremiah who told us we could share a message with him right then and it was someone who wanted a closer relationship with God and wanted to know how he could receive answers to his prayers and feel of the Spirit."  This was a testimony builder to me that God leads us to His children who are looking for Him and in need of help.

That was basically my week and so I hope that all of you will have a great week and will learn something from General Conference that you can apply to your life as I too will be looking for that same thing.  I know as we do that there will be something in there; a sentence or a whole talk related to something that we need.  I love you all and I look forward to sharing my thoughts with you next week.

Elder Ellison

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