Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Choices Have Consequences 7-17-17

So we had an interesting week and finally had some success.  After working hard and keeping our faith strong, the Lord has started to bless us and has helped us bare our afflictions with patience.

We had another good lesson with our investigator Anne.  We talked all about the Spirit.  She is trying to learn and understand these things because it is a foreign concept to her.  In our lesson we invited her to come to church, and guess what?  She came!  She is our first investigator at church in a long time.  We even had a missionary giving her homecoming talk and I think some of the things that were said were for Anne.  She said after church that she will probably be back again.  We still have a lot of work and teaching to do, but super exciting.

Another success came from a meeting with a less-active member.  They came to church last week and we set up an appointment for this week.  We went by and had a great lesson with him.  He really wants to change and doesn't want to fall into the cracks like he usually does.  We told him things that would help him start this change in his life.  The next day we went by to drop off a tie for him to wear to church and the big huge beard he had the day before was completely shaved off.  He said it was a start to the changes he was making.  It was awesome!  The second visit, his mother was there who also needed help and she asked us to give her a blessing.  We did and we told her some things God teaches us that would help her change as well.  Both of them were at church on Sunday.

The last success I want to talk about is with a lady named Shantel.  She had stopped the Elders on their bikes about a month and a half ago and asked for a Book of Mormon.  Well they never really got a hold of her again.  We finally did.  She said that she has been reading it and even read some to her kids.  She had a question about eternal marriage and it was something that she said she would want at some point.  We read the Introduction to the Book of Mormon with her for a bit and explained it.  I'm looking forward to meeting with her again.

We had Zone Conference which was really good.  The Picketts (the new Mission President & his wife) introduced themselves and we had a couple trainings.  Then I had the opportunity, with a couple other missionaries, to give my departing testimony since it was my last Zone Conference.  It was a good conference to end on.

So to explain the title of my email:  We were visiting less-actives and we stopped by one who told us not to come by anymore.  She said they had already told the missionaries before not to come back and that if her husband had answered the door, it would have been really bad.  The whole situation went downhill from there.  We had stopped by because no one knew who she was and there weren’t any notes about her.  Past missionaries, whoever they were, chose not to update the records or make any notes, for whatever reason.  So after this incident, we put notes everywhere to prevent something like this again.  It just goes to show that sometimes our choices made in the past, result in consequences for others down the road, for good or for bad.  That is why when we make our choices every day, we should always choose the harder, smarter, and right way than the easier, not so good, or wrong way.  Our choices have consequences whether we like it or not.  We don't always get to know the outcome, but we can give ourselves a better chance if it is more along the lines of the gospel and in accordance with God's will.  (If you want to know the end of this story and more of what happened, then ask me when I am home.)  I love you all and wish you all a great week.

You can do hard things!

Elder Ellison


Met Sis. Pickett

Zone Conference - Met our new President Pickett

We Went To The Zoo For P-Day

Just More Animals At The Zoo - Ha Ha

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