Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Building Up Trust 3-6-17

So this week was a little bit of a rough week.  We had some good things happen, but it just didn't seem like we had much going for us this week unfortunately.

Monday it was only our District at the church for P-day.  We played a bunch of different games and sometimes had jam sessions on the ukuleles and the piano.  That night we tried a few people, but nothing was going.  We did have a cool experience though.  We had to watch our miles on the car while we tried a former.  It was the last person we were going to be able to try before we went home.  He wasn't home, but his neighbors were moving.  It was dark and late and so we went over to see if they needed help and sure enough, we were able to help them move some of the bigger things.  It was cool to see how the Lord provided us with something to do because we were out trying to work.

Tuesday we had District Meeting.  It down poured that day too.  We haven't had a rain like that in a long time.  Well God is good because the rain stopped right as we started proselyting.  We saw Clyde and read from the Book of Mormon with him.  After him we did a bunch of finding and found a few potentials.  That night, since we are now covering the YSA, we went to Institute which was super good.  It was really awesome to see a few people from back when I was here the first time.

Wednesday was an interesting day with lessons.  We had 3 lessons that were more about facts and information.   We had 2 lessons where we used one of the Official Declarations from the church in each one.  That afternoon we went with the Senior couple to see a couple YSA members.  That night we went to our recent converts and had an awesome lesson based off of 2 Nephi 31.

Thursday we did a lot of finding, but had a super cool experience though.  As we were tracting, we came to a four way stop.  Elder Smith asked, "Which way, boss?"  I said, "Press forward."  So we kept on going straight, but before we got to the first house, I had a thought, "No, we need to go right."  I am working on following promptings, even if it might just be my thoughts, but it is something good.  So we went right.  Well nothing really happened the whole 2 hours we were tracting until we accidentally knocked on a member’s home.  We talked briefly and said a prayer with them.  After the prayer, the husband said, "I know why you are here. You can help give my son a blessing."  His son was sick so we got to give him a blessing.  It was super cool because in the blessing he was told he would be feeling better in a couple days and this Sunday the whole family was there.  It was super cool.

Friday we did exchanges with the Dayton Elders.  I was with Elder Charles.  We did finding all day.  Highlight of the day; I got the cops called on me again and we got kicked out of a neighborhood for soliciting even though we aren't solicitors.  We left before the cops arrived.

Saturday was another lame day.  We weekly planned.  Then we drove to downtown Chatt to contact some YSA, but nothing happened.  It was in the projects, but since it didn't work out, we went to my old apartment.  We went and walked the Walking Bridge and the streets of downtown.  Felt like home.  It was funny to see that when we were walking in the projects, I was not walking through with the confidence I used to have.  It's weird how that went away after being gone 3 months.  As we were walking through we passed some kids playing and a little girl yelled and pointed at us, "CRIMINALS!"  That was pretty funny.  Also, not racist in any way, just for your information, the projects in Downtown Chattanooga are all black people.  So she probably called us that because we were white or maybe just for fun.  Boy, after being in the projects and driving through the streets that I used to bike everyday, I sure do miss that area and the wonderful people there.

Sunday we are back to the all-day church now that we have the YSA.  My old investigator Olivia was there so that was cool to see her again.  We had a Linger Longer afterwards.  I also got to see former Elder Leahman again.  He came back to tour his mission with his parents so that was really cool.  That was about it for this week.

Well, to talk about my title briefly, this week may have been rough and hard and trying and testing, but it was all things for the Lord to see if He can trust us with someone He has prepared right now. We will keep working through the tough times, but we know that this is how the Lord builds His trust in us.  The same goes for all of us not just in missionary work.  The Lord puts us through things to see what choices we will make based on what happens.  If we can keep pressing forward and keep the faith, then we will be rewarded with blessings.  So DON'T LOSE HOPE!  If you start to lose hope and maybe make wrong choices, always look to the Savior for help and He will give it to you.  I love you all and I say this in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Elder Ellison

We Made A Jesus Wall

The Walking Bridge At Night
My Old Apartment

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