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18 Months, Oh Boy! 2-27-17

Well, time has just flown by.  I have now served the equivalent of a Sister Missionary’s mission.  I am ready for these next 6 months and it is going to be a lot fun and hard work.  My goal is to not start dying off at the end, but to be sprinting through to the finish.

Monday we had P-day with our District and a couple other Elders came down too.  We just did a bunch of fun stuff except we started it off by doing the Tampico challenge.  The challenge is to be the first one to finish a gallon of Tampico.  [Mom's Note:  DO NOT try this at home - most people don't realize it is dangerous and can actually kill people - For Real!]  Well, only a few got somewhat close and those few either puked or almost puked.  It was hilarious.  That night we had a Restoration lesson with a lady named Makeeta (pronounced Markeeta).  Then we had to stay up super late to plan our trainings for Zone Training Meeting.

Tuesday we had Zone Training Meeting.  We also, because of his new schedule, had interviews with President Griffin.  It was a quick one for me.  So I gave my first training and I was so nervous.  Doesn't help that I was not at the training where they were taught about the things I had to teach.  Plus we didn't train on anything doctrine related, it was just on the Mission President's new schedule. Then we had a District Leader meeting after that, but we did get a perk.  It was Sister Griffin's birthday so at lunch we got some birthday hugs.  Well after that we cleaned up and then went and got some ice cream.  We did some finding and then did splits.  I went to a less-active’s home for a Home Teaching visit.

Wednesday we did a bunch of "former" clean up.  Then we had a lesson with a guy named Chester.  It went pretty well.  Then we went and had a lesson with the Drakes.  We watched the Restoration video and then talked about it.

Thursday we did weekly planning.  Then we just did a bunch of finding.  At the end of the day we helped the Drakes move into their new place by moving some furniture.  Also today I got my shoe bit by a Chihuahua. That is the closest it has gotten to getting my skin.

Friday we did exchanges and I went with Elder Clavin.  We started out with a pretty good lesson with a guy named Samuel.  Then we did some tracting.  After lunch we headed out to the Drakes again to move in some more stuff for them.  Since it was so far out, we did some tracting while we were there, but it did not bring forth much fruit.  Seeds were planted, but that was all.  In the ending we had much more success when we got 3 potentials in about 30 minutes.

Saturday was a boring day.  We started out helping someone move and then most of our day was spent putting together Stake Correlation numbers.  At the end of the day we had a lesson with a less-active that is in the YSA.  We just shared a quick thought and got to know her, especially now that we cover the YSA.  I'm excited to get them back.

Sunday we had church and had a couple people show up.  Then later we tried to stop in on some people, but no luck so we went to the Church of God of Prophecy.  They were having a cultural event so it was just a bunch of singing and dancing.  It was pretty good, just not something you would see in the chapel of our church.  Afterwards we talked with some of them and they were really nice people.  They even gave us a welcome at the event.

So my thought today is going to be brief.  It is a quote that came from Elder Smith's training he did by himself in Zone Training Meeting.  He was talking on happiness and this is a quote he came up with on his mission.  "Success never brings lasting happiness, but lasting happiness always brings success."  I hope that sticks with you as much as it did to many of us.  Have a wonderful week y'all.  I love you all.

Elder Ellison

Moving a Bed Redneck Style - Yeah, We Helped

E Smith and I Riding in Style

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