Saturday, June 4, 2016

Idaho Power!!! 5-30-16

Well this week has been fairly slow.  Usually that's how most of the first week of transfers start.  It was blazing hot though.  Friday I remember it being so humid that I was sweating just standing there.  It was crazy.  Tuesday I got Elder Christensen.  He is from Idaho Falls.  He has been out one transfer longer than me.  He is pretty cool and we have a lot of similar interests.  He wants to be a Chiropractor as his career which is cool since I've been thinking about that too.  He likes sports too and some other things.

Monday was P-day and we went and said goodbye to some people for Elder Smith.

Tuesday was transfers.  We got a nice pancake breakfast from Brother Miller before we left.  Then that took up most of the day since it is a 3 hour drive just to Nashville.

Wednesday we had District Meeting.  On the way back we had an hour added onto our drive because of traffic.  We then helped the Millers out.

Thursday we did some contacting and had a couple lessons.  That was about it though.

Friday we did some service for a couple people.  We did some weekly planning and then later we drove about half an hour away to visit a less-active family.  Their 9 yr. old girl wants to get baptized too.

Saturday we visited some less-actives.  Then we went and helped the Hodgsons build an electric fence for their horse.  I only got one small tick on my knee.  It looked like a freckle -haha.  Luckily it hadn't buried in yet when I found it.  We also found 2 turtles, alive, and a king snake skin, but no snake.  Darn it.

Sunday not too much happened.  We finally saw the Ramirezes.  Frankie wasn't there though.  He didn't get baptized because we couldn't meet with him to finish teaching him everything we needed to.  So we are going to have to reschedule.

Well this week wasn't the greatest, but it wasn't horrible either.  There are things throughout each day, that can brighten it up.  It's the little things that we should notice each day that we should be grateful for.  It's that time where we should smile at least once a day.  So take time each day to be grateful for something and let your Father in Heaven know.  Also look for something through each day that will put a smile on your face and make at least one moment, a great one.  Even if that means you take a moment to go read a joke or watch a comedian or remember a funny moment in your life.  As the world is growing darker, whether that's in terms of spirituality or whatever, we need more light and that light is happiness.  That's our goal and what our Heavenly Father wants is for us to be happy and be happy forever.  I hope you all can find joy in your life, even in the hard times, and make your life GREAT!  In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Elder Ellison

I was thinking turtle burgers. Any one else agree?

🎶They see us Rollin, they hatin.🎶
This is a Dulcimer - Name that tune?

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