Saturday, June 4, 2016

I Feel Revived! 5-16-16

So this week was pretty good.  We had more lessons this week than normal, so that was good.  I also can't believe this transfer is almost over already.  We only have one more week.  We find out on Saturday what will be happening for our next 6 weeks.  I will let you all know what happens next week.

Monday was P-day.  We went fishing.  We caught and released a ton of blue gill.  The highlight was being able to Skype home.  I got to do it the day after Mother's Day because my parents were flying home from a vacation trip.  It was really fun to be able to see my family again.  I was lucky enough to have a bonus family member there.  My grandma was there watching my siblings while my parents were gone.  So it was really cool.

Tuesday we helped at the Food Bank.  Then we had 3 lunches.  We were so stuffed!  Our last lunch we ate a ton and right after that, we had to move a couple couches and stuff.  I felt like I was going to puke just a little, a couple times.

Wednesday we drove to District Meeting and there was a big downpour and we were going 85 on the freeway.   A member was driving and you could barely see the semi that was right next to us.  It was pretty sketchy, but we survived.  Later we had a lesson with Adam.  We finished the Plan of Salvation with him.

Thursday was OK, but got better in the end.  We set a baptism date with Frankie for May 28 so we are planning for that.  Later we went to the Canaan Independent Baptist church.  They had dinner and a service.  This wasn't a normal one.  It was a “revival.”  Their main preacher ran down the aisle at one point.  They then had a guest preacher from Georgia too.  There was a little “anti” towards us.  They would look straight at us sometimes when they would say certain things.  Afterwards, we were getting into the car and the guest preacher came out and stopped us and told us he was grateful we came and then it turned in to a half hour bashing session.  We were able to shut down the things he said and sometimes we would ask him something or tell him something that he would just push aside because he didn't have an answer for us.  The best part was Elder Smith and I were unified during the whole situation, we backed and supported each other throughout the whole thing.  When we testified multiple times throughout our discussion, he would get shifty instead of his usual “try to look straight into your soul” gaze.   He couldn't respond to us bearing our testimonies of what we know to be true.  Towards the end, we ended again with our testimonies.  I told him, "We will believe what we believe and you can believe what you believe, but I will say, I have prayed about it and I KNOW it is true and there is nothing that will shake me from that."  Our testimonies silenced him once again and then we departed.

Friday we weekly planned.  We then went and helped Bro Miller plant some corn.  Later we visited a couple less active members.  We had some time and the preacher had invited us to come again for their last night and so, we went.  We were expecting a ton of “anti” because of our discussion the night before.  We still got “anti,” but definitely not as much as there would have been if we weren't there I think.  After the service, the preacher only said, “Thank you for coming” to us.  He didn't attempt to try and "convert" us again.

Saturday we helped Bro Flake cut up the rest of his tree.  Then we went and had dinner and saw some less-actives in a farther out part of our area.  We were in the Eastern time zone for most of the afternoon.

Sunday we had church.  Which was good, obviously.  We tried to see some people, but not much happened.

So from our experience Thursday evening, I saw that when you are testifying of something you know to be true because you have found out for yourself, there is nothing anyone can do to say your wrong.  What you KNOW to be true, is something that is special to you.  Everything can be taken from you at this very moment and yet, there are two things for sure that no one can take from you; your faith and your testimony.  When you share your testimony, your faith grows.  When you share your testimony with faith, it strengthens others and they can feel of that same Spirit of truth that you felt when you came to know of these things.  It is kind of ironic that I am talking on testimony because I was asked to speak next Sunday on "what does it mean to bear testimony?"  I may talk about it next week as well, but we shall see what comes to my mind as to what I should write.  All I can invite you to do is SHARE YOUR TESTIMONY!  It is a wonderful thing and in this day and age, the world NEEDS it more than ever.  Every testimony that is shared, helps.  Have a great week everyone.  I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Elder Ellison

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