Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Base Camp 2-29-16

So this week we did a lot of walking.  Luckily the weather is starting to get warmer.  I can tell that summer is just around the corner, which is what I am looking forward to.  Not much else is going on.  So my ponderize scripture this week is Mosiah 1: 7 which says, "And now, my sons, I would that ye should remember to search them diligently, that ye may profit thereby; and I would that ye should keep the commandments of God, that ye may prosper in the land according to the promise which the Lord made unto our fathers."  So the main thing that stood out to me is search them diligently and you will profit.  Here King Benjamin is telling his sons, and us, that they should search the scriptures diligently.  To search them with effort, work, sincerity, etc.  If we do so, then we will profit.  We will have gain.  We will be blessed.  The scriptures should be to us a tool, a comforter, a guide, a road map, our "baby" so to speak.  The scriptures are very important.  We wouldn't have them if they weren't.  They can help us and bless us so much.  By reading and studying the scriptures every day, my testimony has grown tremendously about the importance of them.  I hope you all can have your own testimonies grow by reading them every day.

Monday was P-day and we went down to Gallatin with the other Elders in our district, and we went bowling.  I got a new high score of 179.  It was fun being able to bowl again since Dickson.  We also played a game of laser tag.  The one at Wahooz is way better in my opinion.

Tuesday we got to go to the Bishop's Storehouse since all of the other companionships were getting transferred.  So we were the only ones there.  When we were there, a guy came in and he works for the church and he is over the southeast region.  He is the uncle/ adopted father of guess who, Ezekial "Ziggy" Ansah (he played football for BYU and now plays for the Detroit Lions in the NFL for those of you who don't know him).  It was pretty cool hearing some of the stories he shared at lunch.  He said he was going to bring him next time he comes in a couple weeks.  I hope I am able to go down on that day.  Then later we had dinner with the Hansen family.  They are pretty cool.  He sings in the band Eclipse.  He also was the first Spanish missionary to get called to the Tennessee Nashville Mission.  How crazy is that?  We then had a lesson with Roger and it was good except one thing.  Darn Satan got in the way again like usual and something came up to where Roger had to leave a couple of days ago to go down to Selmer to help someone.  He is going to be there for a couple weeks.  So he unfortunately wasn't baptized this week, but he said he was going to go to church when he is down there so that was cool. 

Wednesday I gave a training in District Meeting on Patience and Humility.  These are two attributes I definitely need to work on.  There is a new sister in our district that went to Centennial until she moved after her junior year.  So then later we were tracting and a lady pulled up and was really rude. She said she works for the city and that in White House you have to have a solicitor's permit and we tried to explain that we weren't selling anything, but she got worse as we kept trying to explain.  She said it didn't matter and that we had to have one if we were knocking doors at all.  She said that if she saw us doing it again, she will call the cops.  Turns out she called them anyway, haha, because a cop pulled up like 5 minutes later.  We did call our Mission President right after her and just made sure we were good to go.  So this cop pulls up and we explained and she said, “OK.  You guys are fine.”  Which we already knew, but now we have that to support us.  We then went to the White House Church of Christ.  It was kind of boring. 

Thursday not much happened.  We had a lesson with Bro Blaylock.  We also talked with a guy who said that he has had a vision in a dream of Hell.  That dream is what caused him to change his life around.

Friday I hit my 6 month mark and was able to burn a tie.  I am officially at Base Camp, as my trainer would tell me.  Later we had a lesson with Bro McKean.  He is really nice and he always gives us little snacks and goodies. He gave us some sesame sticks which I love so I gobbled them up. 

Saturday started off very interesting.  We were walking to see an investigator and there was a preacher preaching on a street corner so we said hi as we passed.  On our way back a car slowed down as it passed and out of the back window came a Taco Bell bean burrito that was half eaten.  I was in front and it barely skimmed my shoulder, but landed directly into elder Nimmer's chest and splattered up onto his face.  Gross!  That was a first for both of us.  We also got more honking than usual as cars drove past.  Then we had a couple of lessons with Justin in the evening.

Sunday we had church and then we tracted until dinner.  We talked with a lady that may have had a little bit of Alzheimer's because she kept repeating the same thing like, “Do you know where that church is?”  We kept saying no.  Other thea that, our day was uneventful.

Well this week was full of adventure.  We had a rough week lesson-wise which is frustrating, but that is just how it goes.  Even though the life of a missionary isn't always a bowl full of cherries, I still love being a missionary.  If anything, I could be having the worst week ever and I still will learn something new or something that I need to apply into my own life and change.  I love this gospel and I know it is true.  I love the scriptures, especially the Book of Mormon, as it contains the fullness of the gospel.  It has helped me in more ways than one and I know it can do the same for you.  If you’re not reading the scriptures, start now.  If it is hard to find time then make time, or just pick a number between 5 and 10 and read that many verses each day and your life will begin to get better and start going up.  They are God's words to us and they help us know the direction we need to go to accomplish His will.  I love you all and pray for you and I hope you all have a great next week as February comes to a close and March begins.  Until next time.

Elder Ellison

The Flying Burrito - Somebody threw a half-eaten burrito at us on the street

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