Thursday, February 2, 2017

Welcome 2017! 1-2-17

Wow the new year has just creeped up on us so fast.  To finish off the year we had a pretty good week even though we had the holidays.  Also, another transfer has come and gone and we found out the results this morning.  I am staying in Bristol, still District Leader, and will be training again.  I will now have trained 3 missionaries.  Elder Anderson is leaving to another area. So anyways, this was our week.

Monday we had P-day with everyone in our District because one of the Sisters is going home and it was her last P-day so we partied.  We went bowling and played games at the church.

Tuesday it was raining so we couldn't go work on the farm.  We had a lot of miles left for the rest of the month so we went further out and did some finding.  We met a man named Bill who was married to a deceased member.  We talked with him for a while and we helped answer some of his questions.  He likes having proof.  He does have a belief in God, but he has a hard time believing things in the scriptures because it was so long ago.  It was a great lesson and I think we helped his faith grow just a little bit more and some things started to make sense for him.  The cool part was that we would not have had that lesson if we had not continued to look for his home.  It didn't have an address on it and we were about to give up and just move on to the next person, but we decided we would try a couple homes nearby and see if we could find it.  One home directed us to him.  I'm so glad we didn't give up on looking for him.

Wednesday we saw Miss Rush and then we had to run over to a friend of a member and give her a blessing.  It was an awesome experience and we offered our help.  We also said if she ever just wants to talk and ask questions, we would be more than happy to help her out.  We then went over to a member’s home for the rest of the night and helped paint their bathroom.

Thursday we had our last District Meeting of the transfer.  Afterwards we had exchanges with the Marion Elders.  I was with Elder Hopkins. He has been out about 2 months less than me.  We did a lot of drop-in visits to try and find people.  At the end of the night we had a lesson with some less-actives that Elder Hopkins taught before.  He started his mission here in Bristol so he knew a lot of people that we tried to see.  He even suggested a couple people we can try and see again.

Friday we switched back and then did weekly planning.  Then that afternoon we had a very successful finding day.  We had a few lessons with some investigators and less-actives throughout the day.  Then at the end of the day we stopped by to try and find a less-active and he wasn't home because he is a trucker.  We actually talked with him for a couple minutes over Skype -haha.  He told us that he wanted us to teach his wife.  She had been taught a couple years ago, but then the missionaries just stopped coming by.  So we talked with her for a bit.  She is from Columbia.  She has lived here for 4 years so her English is still in progress, but it is much better than it was the last time missionaries were there.  We set up to see her again this next week.

Saturday we did some service for a member.  While we were feeding the chickens we got to see the roosters do some dominance fighting.  It was pretty entertaining, but we also have to be careful because they sometimes try and attack us too.  Later we saw Miss Rush.  Then we had to end proselyting early that evening.  We hung out with the other missionaries because no one invited any of us over to celebrate New Year’s Eve.

Sunday our church now starts earlier and then our whole day just fell through so we just did some finding.

Well as it is the start of a new year and it is the time when everyone makes new goals or resolutions, I would like to share with you 2 quotes that will help hopefully.  These are quotes that I actually heard this last week.  So the first is, "To reach a goal you have never before attained, you must do things you have never before done."  This is so true.  Sometimes we may have to do some hard things in order to reach our end vision or goal.  Now to help us reach our goals, we need help from God.  So this second quote has to deal with help from Him to achieve our goals, "Pray like everything relies on the Lord. Work like everything relies on YOU."  We can always pray and ask for help, but nothing will happen unless we put forth our own effort.  God will provide us with the situations to achieve our goals and with those situations we are given, we need to make the choice to act upon them, even when it might be hard or our first time and we are scared.  Always remember that fear is a product of the devil and is not from God.  Always remember as well this from Mark 5:36, "Be not afraid, only believe."  I hope that something from this will help one of us achieve a goal we have set this year.  I close in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Elder Ellison
New Year's Eve Facials  -  I don't really get the point of them.
The Richard's Farm

District Funeral - She's Going Home

I Swear I Am NOT Asleep!

Bristol Speedway At Night

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