Friday, February 3, 2017

The Greenie Life 1-9-17

So we had transfers and I am going to be training another new missionary.  My new companion is Elder Bingham and he is from Hurricane, Utah.  He is a pretty cool kid.  He likes sports and played football in high school.  He also wants to be a mechanic for work.  He’s a little shy until he is comfortable around you and then he is super talkative, but I am hoping to help him be able to be more comfortable talking to new people like I had too.  So this week has had a few ups and downs.

Monday we got the transfer calls.  We didn't do too much that day because none of the other missionaries were able to come and hang out.  So we were at the church all day just by ourselves.

Tuesday we went to the Richard's and it was raining a little so we helped them clean up their Christmas decorations.  We then went over to Miss Rush's so Elder Anderson could say goodbye.  Not too much happened the rest of the day.

Wednesday I got my new greenie, Elder Bingham.  When we got back from our 2 hour drive, we went out to do some finding.  We stopped in at a less-active's home because no one had seen her in about 4 years.  We didn't have an address until a sister missionary that knew her before she moved here gave us her info.  So that was awesome.  She isn't interested in coming back, but we might be meeting with her boyfriend at some point to explain some of our beliefs.  We then went tracting for a little bit.  We got some rejections, which are always fun.  We then went to the Book of Mormon study class.

Thursday was my dad's birthday so Happy Birthday to him.  I shall keep his age confidential.  We had District Meeting and after that we went and did some tracting.  We had some snow flurries, but nothing major.  We didn't have much success during tracting. Not too many people wanted to talk to us.

Friday we had weekly planning.  We did a lot of “dropping” in our teaching pool.  A few of the people we had are not interested at all, but just like the visits.  It snowed for most of the day, but didn't stick until night.  We went out with a young man from the ward and we only had one lesson with him.  He leaves on his mission in about 2 weeks so we are trying to help him as much as possible until he leaves.  After our time with him, we went tracting again.  We met some cool people, but also a couple stubborn ones.  One lady we talked to wasn't interested, but we were able to serve her by getting her mail for her. Then another old lady told us we should change our title as "Elder" because no one around here has used that in a few years.  Another lady we met told us we believed in a different Jesus.  I asked her what one she believes in.  She told us and I said that we believed in the same one as her and she told me no we don't.  I said yes we did, I think I would know.  Then we tried to leave by giving her a picture of Jesus and she went off on how that isn't what He looks like.  I guess she has seen him or something.  Then she finally said she wasn't interested.  We finished that street and went to another one.  The first lady we talked to told us who her neighbors were and the one across the street she said was Jewish so we went and knocked.  I have never talked with Jewish people before.  They opened the door and said "Mormons!"  They let us right in and we just talked with them and their Korean exchange student for about an hour.  The husband was Jewish and so we got to learn a little bit about them, which was cool.  They were super nice people and we even got to learn about Korea too.  They were not interested, but said that they always welcome us in and told us if we ever needed something to call them up and ask.  They had offered to feed us dinner too, but we politely declined.  It was a good way to end the day.

Saturday it had snowed a couple inches overnight so the car was parked for the day which made a damper in our plans.  By lunch though we received word that we could use the car now so we went off to Miss Rush's to introduce Elder Bingham.  We are working on dropping her because she is not interested in the church, just enjoys the visits.  It is going to be really hard because of the relationship she has with the missionaries.  She has been meeting with them for 4 years and she does so many nice things for us.  We are going to be easing off of our visits over time.  After that we just went tracting again.  We are trying to build up our teaching pool after we dropped so many people during weekly planning.  So lots of finding for us and so far not too much is coming from it.  Having the cold doesn't help because it gives them an excuse to not stay at the door long and talk with us.

Sunday we had church and because of the snow, not too many people were able to make it.  Today was like the coldest day ever.  It had gotten close to 0 overnight and this morning when we left for church it was 10 degrees.  Luckily it is supposed to be in the 60s by Thursday so I'm looking forward to that.  We went tracting some more and froze our faces off.  It got to the point where my lips became numb so I started talking and smiling a little funny.  That was about it for us.

So from the start of this new year, I have decided to end my journal entries with a "Miracle of the Day."  It has become really interesting as some of the days don't seem to have much happen, but I am noticing little things now that I wouldn’t normally think would be miracles.  This is also true when I might be writing down things that I am grateful for.  It definitely is something that helps me see the Lord's hand in each and every day.  So I hope you all are having a great new year so far and are staying strong to your resolutions you made.  Keep up with it.  You can do it.  Don't let anyone tell you that you can't.  You are the creative force of your life.  I leave you guys with these little thoughts I had this week and I hope y'all have a great week.

Elder Ellison

Shut Down the Town!     3 inches Snow.

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