Monday, July 18, 2016

How Blessed Are We! 7-4-16

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What a great week?  It's weird to think that I am coming up on a year already.  It is flying by so quick.  I mean, next month will be the month I hit a year.  Time flies when you are serving the Lord.  Super cool with our rules for the 4th - we can be out until 10:30 so we can watch some fireworks.  We are super pumped about that because if we were still in the Nashville mission we would have to be in by 8, so I'm excited.

Monday we went and hung out with the Crossville Elders at the church and played basketball and what not.

Tuesday we went to the Food Bank.  Later we had a lesson with Jim that went well, but he has come to the conclusion that he is not going to do anything until he gets his answer.  We are hoping our mission president, President Griffin, will be able to come with us to the next lesson and help us know how to help him.  We then saw Frankie and taught him the Holy Ghost.  We blind folded him and had him walk through some obstacles while one of us was the Holy Ghost and the other one was the devil telling him to go in different directions.  We hope he will be able to learn and retain things a little bit better like that.

Wednesday we had a bunch of extra miles left over from the month so we drove to some farther out places to try and contact less-actives and investigators.  We also contacted a referral and have a return appointment.

Thursday we went out to the border of our area.  We again tried to contact more people out there.  At one of the homes there was a dog who had like 10 ticks in each ear.  Some of them were huge deer ticks.  We picked some of them out for him.  They were almost the size of a penny.  Then we went back and went to the Book of Mormon study class at church.

Friday we had District Meeting.  It was pretty good.  Nothing too major or exciting.  We then went and helped the Millers get ready for their BBQ on Saturday.  They were inviting everyone they could.  So we cleaned the porch, mowed some lawns, and did a bunch of that kind of stuff.  Later we went to the Sells.  The mom is not a member, her two kids are recent converts, and her husband is less-active.  She told us that she got an answer to her pray to know if the church is true and also got an answer that she would be baptized August 20.  We were so excited to hear that and the fact that she set her own baptismal date was awesome too.

Saturday Elder Christensen had a baptism to Skype into from his last area.  Then we went and helped the Millers set up everything.  We then had the BBQ and there were both members and non-members there.  It was really fun and cool to meet new people. We helped clean up a little bit afterwards too.

Sunday we had church and then we saw Sister Kennamore a little bit later.  We committed her to come to church next week.  I guess we will see if she does.  We then went to the Turton's to use there Wifi because we have to email in our District numbers now.  I had to get all of our District emails and stuff and send them to the Zone Leaders.

Man, how blessed are we to live in this great country?  America truly is the Promised Land as talked about in the Book of Mormon.  The prophet Lehi gave this land a blessing that I would like to share with you.  He said that this land will be blessed.  The people will be blessed as they obey the commandments of God.  This shall be a land of Liberty.  No one will be lead to this land unless it is by the hand of the Lord.  However, if iniquity should arise, then this land will be cursed because of the iniquity.  Then he said something that I just now noticed, the righteous will be blessed forever.  Lehi asked us and told us that if we want to be blessed and remain free, we must keep the commandments.  As we look at the world today, it is getting worse and worse.  We know that this will happen before the time Christ comes again, but as the world gets worse, we do not have to.  As long as we remain true to our beliefs and keep the commandments of the Lord, we will be blessed forever, no matter what happens.  We can even help others make right choices too.  There is a story I heard about a man that said when he was a child that he was going to change the world.  As his life went on, he soon came to the end of his life and was lying on his deathbed.  He was disappointed because he had not changed the world like he said he would, but then he thought of something.  If only he had changed himself first, then that could have affected his neighbors, which would affect the town, which would affect the city, which would affect the state, which would affect the country, which would affect the world.  So we need to make sure that we are keeping God's commandments and as we are, then others will see us and may want to make a change as well.  So keep the commandments and stay faithful in being righteous so that we may be blessed forever, no matter what the outcome is.  I leave you with these things in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Elder Ellison

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