Monday, December 28, 2015

Meetings & Warm Weather 12-14-15

This week was full of meetings and really weird, unusual, (not going to complain) warm weather. We had two days in the low 70s.  It was crazy, but awesome.  I know it’s really cold back home right now.  So my ponderize scripture this week is Jermiah 1:19 which says, "And they shall fight against thee; but they shall not prevail against thee; for I am with thee, saith the Lord, to deliver thee."  Of course, I see this scripture as focusing on being a missionary.  There are a lot of people, here in the Bible Belt especially, who fight against us any way they can.  They want to harass and discourage us.  They try their best, but they never really succeed because I know that the Lord is with me.  He is helping me every day.  I also think of this scripture in a "regular" person context as well, meaning that the forces of the adversary are tempting us and fighting us every day. We must remember that they cannot prevail when the Lord is with us.  As we look towards Him every day and pray to Him and read our scriptures, we are fortifying and strengthening our walls and armor of protection against them and they shall not win.  There will be many days when our faith and strength will be tested.  If we have not properly prepared ourselves by doing what is most important and what is right, then we will fall and will not have the strength to continue the fight and the adversary will win.  But we can always regain our strength and push through and win in the end, just like a real hero always does, if we start to do those things we knew we needed to from the beginning.  I know that as we pray every day, read our scriptures, go to church, continue to strive to exercise our faith, and look towards God for that extra strength, we will overcome those evil powers.  We will be that hero that stands courageously and boldly in the end, and we will know that it was only by the help of the Lord that we accomplished it.

Monday was P-day and it was really fun being able to play basketball, soccer, ultimate frisbee, and pool with a bunch of other Elders.  We then went and had a Family Home Evening with some members, which was really good.

Tuesday we went to the Bishop's storehouse and helped out there for most of the day.  We then helped out our landlord wrap some gifts.  We had a good conversation about what we believe and were able to answer some of her questions.

Wednesday we had Zone Conference.  We all got "black boxes" installed in our cars which monitor our driving.  We also had a Missionary Christmas Party after the trainings.  I did learn some awesome ways on how we can share the “A Savior is Born” video in our efforts.  I have been wondering how I can better incorporate that in my finding efforts.

Thursday we had a couple lessons.  We taught a lady who wants to get baptized, but just needs to get married.  However, she doesn't know when her boyfriend will be on board with that, so it could be a long wait.  Then we contacted an older, less-active couple.  We shared the video with them and gave the lady a blessing.  We then had dinner and shared the video with a recent convert and investigator.  We had a pretty good day today.

Friday we did lots of service.  We helped our landlords a ton today.  We started out finishing the gift wrapping and then went and helped a member change his broken Christmas lights on his roof. Then we went back to our landlords and helped them with a plumbing problem.  Everything was clogged and we tried to figure it out.  By the end of the night, a plumber had to come and he found roots in the pipes from one of the trees.  We got those out so now they can fix the problems they caused. 

Saturday I got to Skype in and see Mike get baptized.  I wasn't allowed to watch the actual ordinance (mission rules), but I was able to talk with him and watch the program.  I am so happy for him!  Later we used the A Savior Is Born video while tracting and found 2 potential investigators.  We also had showed it to a family, who ended up being in the Area Book.  We didn't know until afterwards, but we watched the video then had a Restoration lesson.  Unfortunately, they weren't interested in learning more.  I got to be honest and say that I used to like the old Christmas video better, but I have come to love it this one too now.  If you haven't watched it, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?  It is awesome!  Share it with your friends and family as well.

Sunday we had church, which was good, and then later, we had dinner with the manager for the Nashville Tribute Band.  He and his family are really cool.  They told us about a Christmas light show at a house that was synced to music so we went and saw it afterwards.  It was pretty cool.

Hope everyone is doing well.  Just remember that no matter what gifts you get this Christmas, you have already received the greatest gift of all and that is our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  We need to always remember Him each day.  I encourage each of you that read this blog to take time out of your busy schedule and try to find someone that you can serve, even if it is just a little thing.  I know that it will make you happier and the person you serve happier as well.  Hope you all
have a good week.

Elder Ellison
Mike's Baptism - That's Me Skyping in on the iPad.

Zone Conference & Christmas Party

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