Friday, October 9, 2015

True Missionary 10/5/15

So this week we had the "true missionary experience."  We walked everywhere.  So that was fun. We got honked at a ton for no reason - don't know why.  Some one yelled the "q" word at us -haha.  It's the life of a missionary and I kinda like it (except for the name calling, of course).  It sucked though because we couldn't get very far walking and we had trouble figuring out what to do that was close.   We knocked on a lot of doors.  This week was awesome though with conference and my birthday week.  Apparently when you have a bday on your mission, people find out and you have like a week-long birthday.  I got some brownies and ice cream yesterday during conference from a sister, so it was sweet -haha. 

Monday was my 19th birthday.  We went bowling and I destroyed Elder Wardle!  Maybe it was some birthday luck because I scored a high of 162 and got a turkey for the first time ever.  We then went to the Patterson's, like we do each Monday, and they made some pasta dish that was delicious and an apple cake which was good too.  Sister Patterson made me a tie and she let me choose the fabric.  Once we got home, Elder Wardle got me the craziest shirt ever; a tye-dye rainbow t-shirt with a crazy cat on it.  I rocked it anyways!  It was a good birthday and as an added bonus, it landed on a pday -awesome!  Sad part though, we were able to watch Richard G. Scott's funeral. 

Tuesday we turned in our truck for repairs.  We went to the Patterson's again for lunch and to do some service.  We were going to burn a bunch of piles, but it rained all week so it was too wet to start up.  We then had interviews and our District meeting.  President Anderson is awesome!  He taught me some cool things to help with my missionary work and study.  We then went to Logan's steakhouse with a member for dinner.  It was good to have a steak.   

Wednesday was an interesting day.  A kid named Marcus, who is home right now because of back problems, drove us around since we didn't have our car.  We went and saw a man named Keith,  I may have told you about him already.  We had a good lesson and the spirit was so strong, but then there was a knock at the door and Keith said, "Come in."  In walked the preacher to his church, which he hasn't attended in years, and he was picking Keith up to take him somewhere.  He told Keith not to listen to what we said because it was different then what he says.  Before we left, Elder Wardle asked Keith if we could say a prayer.  The preacher immediately said, "You can pray, just not with me here because I believe we pray to a different God."  Last I checked, there is only one Heavenly Father and we read of Him from the same Bible.  So then Elder Wardle said, "Keith, can we say a prayer with you before we leave?"  He would have said yes had the preacher not been there, but he said no instead.  Sad.  We didn't even talk to the preacher at all, but he took over and controlled Keith.   It was weird.  I had to laugh a bit after we left.  Not sure why some Christians have to be so rude to other Christians.  Later that night we went tracting and a 16 yr. old kid opened the door and let us in.  We taught him the 1st discussion and it was a great lesson.  It will be interesting though because the church he currently goes to is a family church on his grandpa's land and his family wasn't there, so we hope they will be open to hearing more.  We then went to Tracey and John's house and talked with them.  We asked if they would watch conference and they said they will try.  We asked 4 people/families to watch, but only committed. 

Thursday was a rough day.  We talked with lots of people and walked all day, but no lessons and nothing much really happened. 

Friday we walked a ton and we went to Brandon's home and they fed us dinner.  We had a great discussion that sparked their interest on the Plan of Salvation.  We are praying real hard that they will be more open to learning about the gospel. 

Saturday we spent all day at the church just watching General Conference.  There were a ton of awesome talks.  There was a BBQ in the gym before the Priesthood session.  I loved all the talks and it is so cool to hear Elder Rasband, Elder Stevenson, and Elder Renlund get called to be the new Apostles. 

Sunday we spent all day again at the church watching the rest of conference.  It was sad to see President Monson struggle while giving his talk.  One of our investigators came to the afternoon session.  It was awesome and we showed her around the building afterwards.  I think she really liked it. 

Monday so far we still don't have our truck and I gave my first Priesthood blessing to my companion.  It was a cool experience for me.  Our truck will be done by tomorrow so no more walking.  Yes!  Well until next week.  See y'all later.

Elder Ellison

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