Monday, March 20, 2017

Headed Back to Chatt 2-13-17

Well as today was transfer calls, we found out the verdict and something unusual happened.  I will not be finishing Elder Bingham's training.  He will be receiving a new companion as will I.  I am leaving Bristol to go back to Chattanooga and serve in the Harrison Bay area as a Zone Leader.  My new companion will be Elder Smith.  I am sad to leave this area, but I am excited for what else is in store for me to learn.  I have learned a lot in this area alone, some of which is why I was sent here I think.  I could not have learned those things anywhere else.  Well now on to the week.

Monday we just played a bunch of games with the Sisters.  One was Scrabble and I won twice.  That never happens, EVER!  I think that is the first time I have ever won that game and I didn't even have to make up words to do it either.  Later we did some work on the Ward Directory to find people to teach through it.

Tuesday we did our usual service at the Richard's.  We pulled up okra and eggplant plants.  They have a serious root system.  Luckily the roots were mostly dead and it had rained overnight which made it easier to pull them up.  We later had a lesson with Wendi and we helped her to find times in her busy day to read the scriptures and pray.  Then we met with Dan and we were able to figure out a few concerns of his that have been preventing him from coming to church.  So we were able to work those out mostly and get him motivated to come this week.

Wednesday we drove down to Johnson City to do exchanges.  We split off and I was with Elder Christensen.  He is from Alberta, Canada.  We had a great day.  We taught some awesome lessons and found 3 new investigators as well.  We also went to lunch at a place called, Korean Taco.  That was an interesting place.  It was pretty good though.  That night we had a blast because there was 5 missionaries in one apartment.

Thursday we drove back and had District Meeting.  It snowed that day and was super cold.  We mainly just did a bunch of finding and drop-in visits.  Then we went out with Bro Dunn who is the Patriarch in this Stake.  We gave a blessing to a member who had had some health problems that day.

Friday we had weekly planning.  Then we went and tried a couple people.   We then had another lesson with Dan.  We continued to help him understand some things about the gospel.  Then we had a dinner with some members after that.

Saturday we did our usual service at the Davison's.  After that we did some finding before our lesson with Zach.  We taught him the 10 commandments.  We had to reschedule his baptism for Mar. 11.  Then we just did some more finding.

Sunday was a little uneventful.  We had church and then we got to go give the Sacrament to a member who is in the hospital right now.  Not much else happened.

So one of the things I have learned in this area is how to have more faith and trust in God.  The fact that no matter what happens, I need to have trust in God that things will happen the way they need to.  It can be very discouraging when nothing is really happening in missionary work and you don't have hardly anyone in your teaching pool.  You are just going around and tracting or just finding all the time.  However, the Lord knows exactly when people need the restored gospel in their life as well as anything in our own lives.  We may face discouragement or have hard times, but we should always know that a loving Heavenly Father is blessing us with those things for us to learn and grow from.  He is helping us become stronger people.  This are His intentions and it is our choice how we will respond.  Will we sit around and sulk and think "poor me"?  Or will we keep moving forward and look to the Lord always for help and guidance? This is just part of what I have learned.  Sometimes things don't work out the way we want, but always the way we need.  I say this in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Elder Ellison

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