Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Feeling Like Riccardi 12-19-16

So I know that not everyone will understand my title, but there is a letter that was written by guy who was Riccardi's missionary companion back in the 90s.  He tells all about his experiences and how bold he was.  You will just have to read the Riccardi Letter to understand it.  Also, this email will be a little shorter than the others because P-day was on Wednesday this week.

Wednesday we went and spent P-day with a bunch of other missionaries and went to a jump park.  It was a pretty cool place.  Then we just hung out at the church.

Thursday we did a lot of finding and had a couple lessons with some new people.  It was freezing cold too.

Friday we did some weekly planning.  Then we went and helped a manager at Chick-fil-a move apartments.  He is a pretty cool guy and he knows a few members of the church that got us in contact with him.  Afterwards we had dinner and games at a member’s home with another part-member family.

Saturday we met with Miss Rush and then we went to a YSA activity we were invited to.  We were able to talk to a non-member who was there and share a little bit about our church with him.

Sunday we had church. Then we went and had a lesson with David about tithing and fast offerings.  Ok so now for the RIccardi moment.  Late last night we got a referral and so we called him after church and set up an appointment for later that afternoon.  We went over and met this guy.  He told us he wanted to join the church because his girlfriend said she was going to be married in the temple. During our conversation, we realized that may be the only reason why he was interested instead of actually wanting to learn if this was true.  He started to tell us that we were wrong and some of our answers to his questions, which were spot-on, were not good enough for him.  He eventually ended up bashing on our church and how we are no different than any other church.  In the end, I was the most bold I probably have ever been and told him something I have never told anyone before.  I told him that he was not ready for the full, restored gospel.  He would be at some point, just now he wasn't and that is ok.  We would not be back to see him again, but invited him to continue to pray, study, and search.  I said it very boldly, but as polite as I could.  He told me that if I did that to anyone else, I would get cussed out.  He told us that his door is always open and that he thought we would be back next week to learn “truth.”  I told him that we would not, but we appreciated his time and questions.

I would just like to share my testimony that has continually grown through much study and prayer.  I do know that this is the full and true gospel that has been restored to the earth in this modern day.   Throughout the world there are pieces of the gospel.  The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints has all of the pieces put together.  We have a prophet on the earth that leads us today.  His name is Thomas S. Monson.  This is Jesus Christ's church.  He leads it.  The Book of Mormon has been brought forth to help us understand the teachings in the Bible even better.  It is a second witness and teaches that Christ is our Savior.  We have been taught all of the sacred ordinances that can bless us and help us return to our Heavenly Father.  I have come to know these things to be true though my own study and then asked the One who knows all.  My answer to that prayer came through a warm, good feeling of the Holy Ghost.  I cannot deny the answer that I knew I had received.  Now I am out here to help others come to know these things to be true for themselves.  I pray the Lord will show these people to me and if I find those who are not ready yet, then I will try to help them continue on their journey towards God.   God has a plan for all of us.  It is a perfect plan.  We need never fear if we are to have faith in God.  Put Him on your team and trust Him and you will never fail because He never fails.  I leave you with these things in the name of our Beloved Savior, Jesus Christ, amen.

Elder Ellison

P.S. I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas.

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