Wednesday, December 7, 2016

The Yellow Deli 11-7-16

So one of the highlights this week was going to this restaurant called the Yellow Deli. I will explain about it later. We also had some exchanges and tune ups this week. Not much else to say here so let's get on into it.

Monday was Halloween and because we couldn't go out and proselyte, we went to Buffalo Wild Wings or B-dubs.  Not much else happened.

Tuesday we met with Rebecca and Olivia.  We are trying to help Olivia with her questions and concerns right now.  We then went and just tracted a bunch.  Not much came from it, but in all reality, maybe a lot did.  We helped people remember our Savior Jesus Christ for just a little bit of their crazy day.  So for dinner we had been given coupons to have a free meal at the Yellow Deli.  It is run by a religious group called the Twelve Tribes.  They are super nice and also have some really good Root Beer.  If anyone has seen Atlas Shrugged, they kind of live similar to that -all living together in a community and each person contributing.  However, there are some differences too.  It is more like a way of communism and all share 3 different homes and all are required to work at the Deli.  But they are some of the nicest people ever.  Some of them even used to be Mormon.

Wednesday we went on exchanges and I went to Dayton with Elder Thwaits.  We first helped a less-active lady by reading the scriptures and helping her understand the principles it was teaching as we go.  We then tried a few people, but nothing came of it so we went tracting for a little bit.  We then went to the Seminary class and helped out with the lesson this week.  That night we had dinner and I cooked up some chicken on the stove.  It tasted great, but not until after we fanned out the smoke from the detectors.  When I say I smoked out that apartment, I smoked it out!  I walked out the front door and when I was outside I looked back in and you could see this haze of smoke throughout the whole house.  It took a lot longer than normal to clear out because their home has really high ceilings and so all the smoke was getting trapped up there.  It was pretty funny.  I didn't even burn the chicken either so I don't know what happened. 

Thursday we switched back and then we went to go get Elder Thomas his Patriarchal Blessing.  Somehow he managed to come out here without one so we went and got that done.  We later met with Jarvis and we talked about temples and family history with him.  It went well and we had a great lesson.  He also got some good news that his health issues are curable since they caught it early.

Friday we had a nice little adventure.  While on exchanges, my gear shifter broke off while the other Elder was riding it so we had to go fix it.  A member knew a good place to go and took us.  I thought I was going in for a new gear shifter, but it soon turned into a new gear shifter, new brakes (because my brake pads were completely gone and it was now medal on medal), a new pedal because one was broken, my spokes readjusted, an odometer added, and a well-lubed chain (because it had no lube on it whatsoever).  This just goes to show how much I know about keeping up my bike and how much I rode on the mission haha.  The nicest part was that all of this was given to me at a discounted rate, like WAY cheaper than normal, and then member paid for the whole thing.  I was so grateful for such nice people.  I know God will bless them for it.  I will just say, my bike now rides smoother than ever haha.  I guess that's what a bike is supposed to feel like when I ride it.  After we got back, we spent most of our day down in some ghetto part and tracted.  We found a couple potentials to go back and see.  A member came tracting with us, which is always super cool. 

Saturday the Branch Missionaries were in charge of cleaning the building so we did that in the morning.  We then went to go see a potential and taught her a little bit of the Restoration.  There were a lot of distractions during our lesson so it was a little rough.  We went tracting the rest of the time, but didn't have much luck.

Sunday we had church and then a Break The Fast dinner with the YSA. 

So this last Saturday, when we were tracting, a very nice lady came out and wasn't interested, but as we gave her a pass along card, she told us to stay handsome and beautiful and that she could see Christ through us.  That was a boost to me and made tracting a little bit better.  It made me think, if we are living our lives in harmony with the gospel and the commandments, then the light of Christ will shine brighter through us.  Never in my entire life have I ever been told, "I can see Christ through you, or you just have this spirit that radiates off of you," than on my mission.  Even though it was never mentioned to me before, I hope that it was still there back then and I hope and plan on it being there in the future.  No matter if anyone says something to us or not, we should always be living the gospel so that Christ can shine through us and others will see that.  When they do, it might spark questions like, "how are you always so happy or how do you just radiate light?"  Then that is when we can have missionary opportunities to share what we know and how they can have that same feeling.  So we all need to make the changes necessary so that others can see the light of Christ through us in this dark and evil world.  This I leave with y'all in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Elder Ellison

Tyler - Crazy YSA Mission Leader
Engels Stadium - Where Babe Ruth played and they filmed the movie "42" 

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