Monday, November 14, 2016

Every Word, Every Page 10-10-16

So this week was pretty good. We got back to using our bikes Friday.  I had some pretty awesome experiences and learned a few things.  Transfer calls are in the morning, but most likely we aren't getting transferred. This transfer will be huge with lots of changes and we have 30 new missionaries coming in.  We also were able to give blessings to people in the hospital about 5 times this week, I had the opportunity to give a couple of them.

Monday we went to the Chattanooga Aquarium.  It was super cool.  We spent almost the whole day there.  They had a fresh water river section, an ocean area, and a river monster fish group.  We stopped for lunch and 3 out of 8 of us took down the 1 pound burger challenge, myself being one of them.  It was gone in about 15 minutes, maybe less.  We got our pictures on the wall.  We were the first ones up there for the month. 

Tuesday we saw the girls at UTC and had a pretty good lesson about following the prophet.  That was about our day.

Wednesday we had our last District Meeting of the transfer.  We went on exchanges with our Zone Leaders so I stayed here and worked with Elder McLeod, my old companion from the month of August.  We did a lot of finding and had a great lesson with Jacqueline and Letia about the priesthood.  The member we had helped them see how the priesthood can bless them even if no one in the home has it.  We saw a less-active member after that.

Thursday we did a lot of finding with potential and former investigators.  We had a great lesson with Zack that evening.  He is going to be baptized Jan. 7 down in his home Ward in Georgia.  So even though it is a ways away, we are excited for him. 

Friday we had apartment inspections and we aced it!  The missionary couple that did it took us out for lunch afterwards as well.  We saw the UTC girls again and talked about trials, missionary work, and service.  On our way to that lesson, we had just got our bikes back together and we were on the college campus.  We were riding on the road and went to get up on the sidewalk.  As we came up to it, I pulled my front tire up to hop on and it went right back down and missed the curb.  I ended up falling over, but I'm alright.  I just laughed it off because I know people saw me.  I guess I’m a little rusty on the bikes after not having them for a couple weeks.  We then contacted some referrals.  One lady named Yetta, is the sweetest lady you could meet.  She has some health problems because of a procedure she had earlier and now she is literally skin and bones.  She is the skinniest person ever! She has been stuck on her couch or bed pretty much for about 2 years.  During this time, she has come to love God more, trust in Him, and not be mad at Him.  She was super nice.  We had a good visit with her. 

Saturday we weekly planned and then did a lot of finding.  We rode our bikes up some steep hills and we were so out of shape - haha.  That was pretty much our day.

Sunday was a good day.  We got to have dinner with the YSA branch to break the fast.  That was about it for our Sunday.

This week I don't have a spiritual thought, but I would just like to say, I know this is the one and only true church on the earth today.  Jesus Christ is at the helm and is our Savior.  The Book of Mormon is true.  Every word, every page.  We are led by a prophet of God today and by twelve apostles.  They are His chosen servants to direct all of us back towards our Heavenly Father.  I know these things are true from my own spiritual witness from the Holy Ghost.  I leave my simple testimony with you in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Elder Ellison

The 1 lb. Burger Challenge Winners!

The 1 lb. Burger

Chattanooga Aquarium

Biggest Butterfly I Have Ever Seen!

This Is What We Call A "Chatt-Mobile" Here In Chattanooga

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