Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Moving Already 9/21/15

So this week has been alright.  We had a lot of meetings and packing and cleaning.  Things are still good though.  Don't worry Dad - I have vegetables, fruit, and almond milk. So I am trying to make sure I stay healthy haha. Also for my journal entries I am trying to end each one with an inspirational quote. If anyone has some good quotes and who said it, could you please send me them through email?  Thank you. Also my new address is 114 Oak Avenue Apartment 5 Dickson, TN 37055.

Monday was P-day and we went bowling for like 3 1/2 hours for $10.  It was nice. I got a high of 128. We went to dinner at a member's home and we had chili.  Bro/Dr. C was there and he gave me my first chiropractic adjustment since being here, so that was great.

Tuesday we had to drive to Franklin for an emissions test. It was really hot and I was sweating when we went tracting later. We had dinner at a member's house and we went and visited other members and less-actives that live around them.

Wednesday we taught one person at night. We tried something new while tracting. We asked people survey questions. It seems to be a good way to begin conversations with people.  Hopefully we can start finding more people to teach.  It is hard to get past the peepholes in everybody's door.  Once they see us, they don't open the door before we've even had a chance to say Hello.

Thursday we had a zone meeting and I finally got my iPad.  Later that night we had a Japanese dinner. Then we went and visited Tracy and John. We had a good conversation and I hope they want to hear the discussions soon.  I also got my first letter from my Aunt Diane. Thank you for that.

District - Dickson

Travel to Zone Conferencce
Trainer - E. Wardle

Friday we got our new apartment so we started packing up everything and cleaning.  That is how we spent most of the day.

Saturday was my brother's birthday, so Happy Birthday!  We were packing and cleaning the whole day and the APs came to help us move the bigger stuff. We also taught Kristen again and we gave her cinnamon Jolly Ranchers.  Apparently cinnamon helps prevent smoking - like it gives you a bad taste or something.  So let's hope it helps her quit.  I had my first deep fried fish down here.  It was really good.

Sunday we went to church, went tracting, then went to a dinner appointment that night. We had enchiladas. They were delicious! We also went to a Pentecostal church and that was really interesting. Afterwards, we went to see Shaun. He was a little drunk, but he opened up to us a little and he said that he actually had read a little of the Book of Mormon. He said that he was going to read the whole thing so I hope does.

Today we moved, but we don't have any electricity yet so we have to wait to have it turned on. We also deep cleaned our entire place in 2 days.  Man that was rough and disgusting!  Hope everything is going well for everyone else.

Please send me quotes.  Thanks.

Elder Ellison

"Greenie Cape"

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